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Personalised Social Media Seminars & Workshops

Our Personalised Social Media Seminars aim to resolve questions, provide answers and further explore the potentials of Social Media.

The main objective of our Personalised Social Media Seminars & Workshops is to help every brand, that has a presence in Social Media, to evolve in the most appropriate way. 


Our Personalised Social Media Seminars & Workshops aim to resolve problems, provide answers and to further explore the potential of Social Media. 

Social Media have come to redefine not only the way we do business, but also our marketing strategies.
Nowadays, Consumers are the new “Media”.
They have a Voice and they express their
opinions openly through Social Media.

Thanks to Social Media, every brand has the opportunity to build strong relationships with consumers. 

Our Personalised Social Media Seminars & Workshops focus on your specific day to day needs, thus provide tailor made answers & guidance.

Who can attend
Business Executives | Brand Managers | Freelancers | Small Business Owners | OR anyone with a brand presence in Social Media who needs guidelines on issues such as: Facebook Ads, Content Strategy, Contests, etc.


Why attend
1. Apart from the general framework of how the Social Media environment works, each workshop is shaped according to questions and issues raised by the participants. 
Ten days prior to attending the workshop, participants will be asked to provide their specific questions & issues. Therefore, they will receive answers tailor made to their business needs.


2. Small groups of 4 – 6 people max


3. Grouping participants according to area of business and expertise. Advantage: exploring specific markets, having guest speakers, analysing best practices. 


Duration & Fees
6 – 8 hours (Saturdays)

to book your seat, the deposit of the amount is required at least 15 days prior to the date of the seminar
VAT is not included


Topics covered
1. Social Media Strategy - How to choose the appropriate Social Media for my business?


2. Content Strategy - What, where, how, when do I create content and posts?


3. Community Management - Crisis Management 


4. How do I maximize engagement? - Boost posts & Facebook/Instagram Ads


5. Page Insights - Google Analytics - Monitoring